The Consultation Process

(what to expect)

Initial Consultation

Once you book your initial consultation, I will send you a comprehensive questioner and a 3 -day food diary, which will provide me with valuable information about your diet, lifestyle, medical history and the general health status of your body systems. Both documents will need to be sent back to me before the initial consultation date.

The initial consultation will last about 90minutes. I call this a gathering information stage. At this stage I will explore the reasons why you have come to see me, dig dip into the symptoms and areas that you need help with, as well as your health goals and what you are hoping to get out of the consultation process. I will also go into more details about your medical history, dietary, lifestyle and work habits.

After the consultation, I will analyse all  gathered information and create your personalised nutrition plan, which you will receive via email within 5 working days. The plan will include dietary and lifestyle recommendations, supplementation protocol (if necessary), possible testing either with your family doctor or privately, and supporting materials (if required).

Follow up Consultation

Follow up consultations will last 45 minutes (just the follow up) or 60 minutes (follow up + test results discussion). These consults will usually be scheduled after 4 to 6 weeks (to be agreed during initial consultation).

Here I will monitor your progress, review the changes you have implemented, discuss any challenges you may have experienced, interpret complex scientific test results (if applicable) into simple suggestions that fit into your lifestyle and adjust the current program accordingly.

If you would like support on your existing plan before your next review, we can arrange a 15 Minute Interim Consultation.

Functional Testing

My goal is to get to the root cause of your symptoms, therefore, when necessary I will suggest Functional Laboratory Testing, which will provide more clear insights into your genetic, nutritional, hormonal and biochemical imbalances as potential contributing factors hiding behind your presenting symptoms or ill health.

Functional tests are carried out by a number of highly reputable UK laboratories which operate internationally. They are optional and not included in the consultation prices.

Some of the tests available are:

  • Gastrointestinal (digestive) – stool analysis, parasitology, gut immunology profile, SIBO
  • Cardio Genomic Profile
  • Immunology  
  • Neuro Genomic Profile
  • Nutrition Profile
  • Endocrine (hormonal) – male/female hormones, thyroid profile, adrenal stress profile

Conditions I can support with

I work with clients by guiding and supporting them with symptoms associated to the following areas of health:

  • Digestive health – bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, IBD, indigestion
  • Detoxification & liver support
  • Hypertension, diabetes
  • Thyroid support – hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism
  • Auto immunity, cancer support
  • Bone and joints
  • Brain and cognition
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Children’s health

Not sure whether nutritional therapy can help you?

Book a FREE 20 minute health assessment appointment by simply texting or messaging me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How I Can Help

1-2-1 Consultation

Whether you want to get to the root cause of your current health problems or prevent getting diseased, 1-2-1 consultation will provide you with a nutritional and lifestyle protocol tailored around your personal needs and goals.

Determine the root cause of the problem

For me it is very important to firstly identify why the problem is there, where it came from and what caused it. Digging dip into this information will lead me to the real root cause of your symptoms and health issues.

Personalised health protocol

We are all biochemically different, and so are our nutritional needs (what we eat and drink). After analysing the information gathered from the consultation & functional testing I create a personalized nutritional protocol that is realistic, achievable and supports the person based on his/her individual health needs and goals.

Supporting the whole person

While designing the plan, I take into account the whole person, meaning physical, mental, genetic, environmental, and social factors relevant to the case. If necessary, I may refer you to other practitioners i.e. osteopaths, counselling, acupuncture etc, while still continuing to work with nutrition. Targeting and addressing all aspects of health that need support, will enable us to achieve faster results toward your health goals.


I am passionate about empowering and educating my clients by improving their understanding of their health, as well as how to maintain it long term and therefore avoid creating a favourable environment where diseases can flourish.

Functional Testing

Scientifically based Functional Testing helps me to better understand and address the root cause of health imbalances that might be causing your presenting symptoms. It can be valuable in targeting health problems quicker and therefore speeding up the recovery process. Functional testing can also be used preventively to maintain wellness and avoid the potential risk of disease.

What is Naturopathic Nutrition?

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy is a science based healthcare approach that addresses health imbalances within the body, and promotes its healing mechanism to restore homeostasis (balance) and bring back optimal health.

Its main focus is on using FOOD AS MEDICINE, as well as taking into consideration other factors such as environment, lifestyle and genetics.

Nutrition Therapy is as old as civilization itself. From the recorded examples of ancient Chinese and Indian philosophers, who based on beliefs and observations, advised on the use of warming and cooling foods & spices for certain health conditions; or Hippocratic ideas about body’s natural tendency to heal itself if beneficial environment is provided through suitable diet and exercise, to the development of the present evidence based nutrition.

Currently, nutrition scientists analyse all aspects of nutrition in laboratories, as well as in natural settings all over the world and publish the outcomes in the international scientific journals, which indicate that nutrition science generates new knowledge based on well-established research methodology. 

My aim is to constantly update my knowledge in accordance to the latest nutritional research findings and therefore provide the most up to date nutritional advice to my clients.